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READ PART 1 OF DR. LAVANYA SESHASAYEE’s FASCINATING, CONTROVERSIAL, CREATIVE, LITERARY MAGNUM OPUS AND AUTOBIOGRAPHY (IN 4 PARTS) PERTAINING TO MENTAL HEALTH which explores the current psychiatric, psychological, feminist, sociological, cultural, political, legal, spiritual, religious, user-survivor, self-advocacy, spiritual and literary aspects of mental health in India and across the globe and WHICH IS AN account of a woman’s fight to regain her sanity by turning a naysaying patriarchal professional mental health establishment on its head. This is a story of extraordinary courage. Of limitless hope. And love too. Of how to operationalize the impossible!!!

How is ADITI VAIDYANATHAN, a young intelligent teenager pushed into the black hole of chronic psychosis as a result of a highly caustic societal and familial environment that doesn’t encourage the girl child to dare and dream of achieving academic and professional success in the public sphere but instead believes in ‘molding’ them to be nothing other than ideal wives and daughters-in-law? How does Brother BOBBY, a sadist megalomaniac, emulate and perpetuate the patriarchal model and batter Aditi physically and psychologically, out of sheer jealousy? Also in the same neighborhood is a crafty snake-slithery girl named SWARNAKANTHA who is the same age as ADITI. She craves to obtain a feeling of significance by resorting to devious means since she knows she isn’t half as smart as ADITI is at solving mathematical problems and puzzles and can never achieve all that ADITI’s achieved academically. Also this neighbour-girl SWARNAKANTHA is much like the carnivorous Venus-Fly-Trap plant that seeks to dissolve its prey by first flaunting its beautiful slippery lid that the unsuspecting prey mistakes for luscious fruit and sits upon. The Venus flytrap gives its prey no indication of what it is just about to do. Within seconds the prey slips down the lid into the body of the flower and is then ingested by the acidic fluids that the Venus Fly Trap generates. Not just that but SWARNAKANTHA also plans to thoroughly ruin ADITI’s psyche so that ADITI must never be able to study again. Such is her operational dynamic reeking of a nasty-low intention. How does Aditi turn the tables on her? How does jealous Aunt SRI VALLI manipulate Aditi in the ‘FAMILY COURT SESSION’ that compels Aditi to earn a living by doing chores at home despite the fact that Aditi is a rank holder in her 10th grade? What happens next? How will Aditi, totally re-conceptualize Chronic Schizophrenia by which she is affected and break the culture of silence so characteristic of Indian patriarchal families and society? Will she die a civil death or fight back patriarchal-psychiatry to create a better world? And how does she – a FAILURE IN 12TH GRADE, manage to operationalize a romantic relationship (with MR. ROHIT – a brilliant, handsome, tall, software engineer working for Hewlett Packard) IN THE MIDST OF ALL THIS CHAOS?

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